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Digital disruption is all over retail. Digital technologies have enhanced commerce in many ways. However, its impact on improving customer experience has been the biggest game-changer that has made eCommerce the preferable mode of shopping.

Retail brands evolving with technologies are now providing a dynamic customer experience across multiple digital touchpoints. From hyper-personalizing content to delivering it across sales channels where customers thrive, technologies are helping brands reach customers at the right time with messages that derive desired actions.

Traditional retailers are replacing their physical stores with digital storefronts and finding ways to amplify customers through the web and mobile channels to provide a holistic experience.

Compelling customer experience is mandatory for every brand irrespective of the maturity of their digital presence. Such an immersive customer experience can only be achieved through a robust technology landscape powered by a scalable, flexible, and experience-driven eCommerce platform. That’s where Adobe’s expertise and its suite of products will come in handy to help you prepare for the ever-changing retail landscape.

What we think in Retail

How Health and Beauty retailers prepare for change in consumer behavior?

7 strategies for health and beauty brands to take on changing customer behavior during challenging times and beyond.

Winning in online Fashion and Apparel eCommerce race using AEM

How Adobe Experience Manager helps retailers craft amazing digital experiences for fashion and apparel consumers.

COVID-19 Safekeeping playbook for eCommerce retailers

Prepare your eCommerce business to overcome the coronavirus pandemic with our COVID-19 crisis management eBook

How Digital Is Reshaping eCommerce

Digital technologies are helping retailers sight gears from being disrupted to the disruptor. Be it taking the eCommerce plunge, improving internal operations, elevating customer experience, exploring cross-border markets, or planning for future growth, the tech stack you choose plays a pivotal role in realizing your dream. Here are our blogs that throw the spotlight on areas where technologies are reshaping eCommerce.

AI First 5 – Areas where online stores can start adopting AI

This eBook highlights how AI is enabling eCommerce retailers to overcome complex challenges and can help you to make an informed decision on where AI can fit into your business.

Top 5 voice commerce trends that’ll disrupt eCommerce in 2020

This blog brings to you some of the interesting voice commerce statistics and forecasts for retailers to prepare for the rising popularity of this interactive shopping mode.

Headless Commerce – When experience matters the most

Headless commerce, a type of website architecture, is something that the businesses are trying to adapt to achieve more flexibility in delivering experience-driven commerce.

Ziffity’s Partnership With Adobe to Enhance Your eCommerce and Customer Experience

Magento – Unleash your brand’s eCommerce potential

Magento’s varied eCommerce capabilities help retail brands address challenges from the word go. The built-in tools for performance optimization, order management, advanced analytics, native cloud support, and PIM combined with flexibility over third-party integration, makes Magento appropriate for businesses of all varied size, needs, and maturity. Ziffity has neatly bundled Magento into three packages – Magento Implementation, Managed Services, and Migration to cover every eCommerce needs comprehensively.

Magento Thought Leadership Blogs

Magento Vs Shopify – Top 5 criteria to choose the right platform

Comparison between Magento and Shopify based on factors like customer experience, customization flexibility, hosting so on.

Why a dedicated Magento support team is important for your eCommerce store

Key factors that insist on the importance of hiring a dedicated Magento maintenance and support team.

Magento 1 to 2 migration – A ‘How-to’ guide for a successful move

Prepare your Magento 1 to 2 migration game plan with our step-by-step guide and ensure safe and fast migration.

Adobe Experience Manager – The Experience side of your eCommerce

Customers reach your brand through various digital touchpoints, yet the core message of engagement needs to remain authentic and consistent, no matter what the channel is. By leveraging a reliable CMS like Adobe Experience Manager which makes it easy to render content on any channel, you can put your competitors behind and pave the way for a fantastic customer experience. AEM can serve as a centralized hub from where you can create and publish personalized content across all digital channels.

Reimagine personalization with Adobe Experience Manager

As an eCommerce retailer, losing customers to your competition could prove costly. Delivering amazing customer experience can help in differentiating your brand and gain a significant competitive advantage.

The 5 pillars of Adobe Experience Manager – Sites, Assets, Mobile

Digital presence is of paramount importance for any business to attract the right set of audience in this era. An official company website is the preferred source of information and has a multi-faceted.

Build future-proof eCommerce presence with Headless Commerce

Headless approach is the best solution for challenges faced in an omnichannel commerce environment because merchants have more flexibility and customize commerce-specific requirements.

what our customers say

“I have been working with Ziffity for about 4 months now and we have already corrected all our issues on the existing platform. Ziffity has been nothing short of excellent.”

“I am TOTALLY BLOWN AWAY by the work. Many Thanks and Congratulations to the team for such beautiful work. “

what our customers say

"I am TOTALLY BLOWN AWAY by the work. Many Thanks and Congratulations to the team for such beautiful work. "

"In a short period of time since launch, we have had a hockey stick level of growth. Hats off to team Ziffity for a job well done."

"We are so impressed with the results of Ziffity’s work on our SEO initiatives. You have done a fabulous job."

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