Microservices Development

Why Microservices Architecture is preferred over Monolithic?

Services as components

Services are independently deployable and if a single component of the application needs to be changed, that particular service alone can be redeployed.

Cross-functional teams

Microservices approach is to split teams in such a way that each team will have a UI specialist, a middleware specialist and DBAs instead of UI team, database team and middleware team.

Products instead of Projects

Microservices insists teams to own the product until its lifetime instead of finishing the software and handing over to the maintenance team.

A decoupled and cohesive approach

Microservices focus on building applications with simple REST protocols such that they have independent domain logic and receive a request to produce a response.

Decentralized governance

Microservices solves development problems by allowing different teams to pick their own codes/languages (Java, C++, J Script) but accepts only if the codes are within the scope of each coding standard.

Multiple database systems

Microservices lets each service to manage its own database and even allows each service to have different instances of same database or different database systems as well

Why Choose Ziffity for Microservices

Experienced team

We bring the best to your table with our experienced team members who have worked for different brands across various industries. Whether you need a simple microservices implementation or want to move from monolithic to microservices architecture, we’ve got you covered.

Shorter Time to Market

Our software development process is agile and adapted for frequent releases in quick turnaround time. Our step-by-step approach from build to launch ensure high-quality deliverables.

Full-Stack Solutions

We can extend our help beyond microservices as we specialize in eCommerce development, design, digital marketing, AI and Machine Learning. In short, we go the extra mile to deliver the best possible solutions for your diverse business needs.

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