Magento Integration

Connecting Magento services with platforms for seamless data transfer and more

Magento-ERP Integration

Magento integration with your ERP system can help you effectively update product information, determine account-based pricing, manage inventory to save time and money. With ERP integration, you can prepare orders faster and improve overall productivity.

Magento (OMS) Order Management Systems Integration

Create a seamless connect with your Magento backend and order management system for faster fulfillment. Integrate your eCommerce store with internal order management system or third-party OMS provided by your order fulfilment partners.

Magento Marketing Automation Integration

Marketing automation tools and Magento integration help reach out to more customers during various stages like awareness, consideration purchase, retention and advocacy through multiple channels eg: social media and targeted SMS ads.

Magento PIM integration

Magento integration with PIM is useful when your Magento 2 website engages with different channels because PIM can centralize the flow of your product data across different channels.

Magento Search Integration

Integrate 3rd party search systems like Hawksearch and Algolia or Magento’s advanced Elasticsearch. Besides the ability to find products precisely, users can enjoy additional conveniences like autocompletion, typo correction and more.

Marketplace Integration

Integrate your Amazon Seller Central account with Magento backend. Manage every single management task including product import, export, inventory, order processing and much more for both sales channels through a single interface.

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