To make a Digital Marketing Campaign successful, you need 5 key ingredients and 4 key principles. Let’s understand what they are. The 5 ingredients include Content, Channel (search marketing, social marketing etc), UX (user experience), Analytics (for tracking) and Marketing sense. The 4 key principles include ability of your campaign to Attract your audience, Engage them, Convert them to buyers and finally Sustain them for a long time.

Here is another representation of what I am describing above and we call it the Conversion Architecture.

5 ingredients and 4 principles of Digital Marketing Campaign

To illustrate this a little more, if you are designing a digital marketing campaign for Christmas, first you work on the broader concept (what is the story your campaign is trying to convey). This needs , e.g. you don’t want to be doing the same thing your competition is doing. Knowing your consumer profile before scripting the campaign is quite important. Once you have a differentiating concept / story in hand, you convert that story into a digital Content (it can be copy, video or other forms of content)  piece(s).

After Content, it is time to work on the user journey, the landing page and how the user is going to navigate through to conversion (User Experience). Now choose the best suitable DM for broadcasting your digital marketing campaign and decide on the Metrics you are going to use to track the performance of the campaign and setup the technical mechanisms. Please note that the process is not as linear all the time. Sometime you decide on the Channel first and then work on the story and content e.g. Content for mobile could be different from web, so in this case you know the Channel before you ideate on the Content.

Coming to the 4 key principles. Use different Channels to bring (Attract) in traffic to your website. Once the user reaches your website, then it is the Content and User Experience which keeps them glued (Engage) on it. For conversion (Convert), implant CTAs (call-to-actions) wherever appropriate on your webpages. Finally once the conversion is made, don’t forget to follow through (Sustain), because that is what is going to retain the users with you.

If you can get your 5 ingredients right and the 4 principles effectively implemented, your digital marketing campaign is on its way to be a grand success.