Healthcare Industry

E-commerce is steering the next wave of growth in the healthcare and pharma retail industry. Healthcare, Pharma, and wellness commerce are the next big thing in the online retailing space as there are large amounts of untapped potential. The caregiving ecosystem has been leveraging the commerce fully as there is a huge trouble in purchasing medical supplies for their patients. The highly frequent usage of diapers, milk feeds, body wipes, and the list goes on for the caregivers as they have to visit convenience stores to restock their depleting supplies frequently.

With the customers’ increased use of the internet to access products and medical care, healthcare retailers have been increasingly concerned with the quality of their online presence. In a world where transactions and information gathering are increasingly online, Pharma and Health retailers must start innovating their digital presence.

How Health And Beauty Retailers Prepare For Change In Consumer Behavior?

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7 Strategies For Health And Beauty Ecommerce To Win During Challenging Times

The COVID-19 pandemic has favored the Health and Beauty industry but there are certain areas to focus to keep winning. Here are 7 tips that can help retailers succeed during challenging times and beyond.

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How To Choose The Best Magento eCommerce Services

You’ve decided to build your eCommerce store on Magento. Where do you start? This blog highlights the key factors to be included in your evaluation process while choosing a Magento partner.

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The healthcare and pharma retail industry maintains a value chain that is more layered and complex than most. Modern B2B eCommerce systems, like Magento Commerce, provide features and modules for seamless interactions online across marketing, product discovery, sales, and post-sale service. Magento also enables Omni-channel engagement that gives more options than ever before to manage relationships and interactions with Healthcare Retail Ecosystem. The latest Magento 2 Commerce allows health and pharma retailers to enhance the digital experience with segmentation and personalization. Customers can create personalized product suggestions based on consumer demographics, location, and lifestyle.

Magento Comparative Study

Magento Vs Shopify Comparison

Comparison between Magento and Shopify based on factors like customer experience, customization flexibility, hosting and so on.

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Magento Commerce Vs BigCommerce - Comparative Study

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The end of support for Magento 1 is almost here. For both Magento Commerce and Magento Open Source the final bell is just 12 months away.

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Deliver seamless healthcare commerce experiences with a robust digital foundation powered by Adobe Experience Manager.

When it comes to looking for Healthcare, Wellness, and Pharma commerce, the availability of user feedback and price comparison mechanism, end customers are able to quickly search for the perfect medical supplies that suit their needs. Health and Pharma Retailers and direct sellers promote their products, drive e-commerce, and empower employees when they make apps staples of their business.

As a Silver Partner of Adobe, Ziffity’s AEM (Adobe Experience Manager) expertise helps Healthcare organizations kickstart digitization by ensuring the absolute future of healthcare commerce. From faster content development to flexible digital documentation, we can help you create efficient experiences using Adobe Experience Manager that engages customers.

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