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Dotdigital Features

Marketing Automation

Automation allows you to schedule actions such as repetitive tasks and thereby save time. You can automate welcome emails, sign up confirmation SMS messages, and sending personalized messages when customers respond to your campaigns. Dotdigital provides both built-in automation options and allows you to configure channel extensions. No matter which platform or channel you choose, it helps in communicating with your contacts easily.

Email Campaigns

Email campaign allows you to preview the campaigns in different devices, send test emails to see how it’ll look in various email clients (MS Outlook), track to know its performance and send campaigns to different address books. Email campaigns can either be standard (sent manually) or triggered (sent automatically) when preset conditions are met. Email content can be personalized based on contact data fields and external servers.

SMS Campaigns

SMS campaign messages can be sent from the platform through the SMS broadcasting tool and automated programs. The SMS broadcasting tool also generates reports with details like message sends, deliveries and failures.

Product Recommendations

Dotdigital’s ‘Product Recommendation’ is available for market-leading eCommerce platforms like Magento and Salesforce Commerce Cloud. Depending on your requirement, you can choose from available recommendation types such as ‘Custom Category’, ‘Best Sellers’, ‘Most Viewed’, ‘Trending’, ‘Predictive’ (machine learning) and upcoming types like ‘Last Browsed’, ‘Bought Together’ and ‘Also Bought’. You can also use the ‘Product Data Enrichment’ feature to configure product recommendations based on product attributes like color and price.

Landing Pages

Landing pages are easy to build, thanks to essential features like pre-designed templates, drag and drop building blocks to upload images, directly edit HTML, add Web Behavior Tracking, Google Analytics, Google PPC and other tracking codes.

Surveys & Forms

Build surveys & forms to increase signups and collect more customer data. To build surveys and forms, you can either use the drag and drop editor or select from readymade templates. You can link the survey/form to a landing page, share it as a link in email campaigns, or embed it on the website.

Web Behavior Tracking

Web Behavior Tracking feature captures the browsing activity and collects information like pages viewed by a contact, duration of views, type of browser, contact IP address, and Google Analytics tracking information. With ‘Web Behavior Tracking’ you can identify potential customers, speed up the sales process, improve customer relationship and increase customer engagement.

Social Audience Retargeting

Dotdigital provides ‘Facebook Audience’ and ‘Google Ads,’ two program extensions to improve re-targeting efforts. With the ‘Facebook Audience’ channel extension, you can automate adding new contacts to your audience list. It helps optimize ad campaigns to target people who aren’t engaged through other social media channels. Similarly, Google Ads channel extension can be used to automate adding new contacts. However, a minimum of 1000 contacts is required before adverts are activated.

Abandoned Cart

The abandoned cart module in dotdigital makes use of its built-in features like ‘Web Behaviour Tracking’ to collect data from the website and identifies the customer and their cart. Then, ‘Program Builder’ is used to detect carts that remain abandoned for about 20 minutes after which an automated campaign email will be sent to that customer. With the ‘Advanced Personalization’ feature, the campaign will include customer name, abandoned cart details, and other relevant information.

Ziffity’s Value Proposition

Ziffity provides end-to-end dotdigital engagement cloud solutions. Our team has vast experience in using dotdigital tools for eCommerce integration, campaign management, and marketing automation. You can bank on our expertise in building powerful omnichannel marketing campaigns to engage your customers.

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