Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

AI (Artificial Intelligence), the technology that helps machines acquire human-like learning and decision-making capabilities, is enabling brands to redefine the way they solve complex business challenges.

Machine Learning is the core component of AI systems’ ability to learn. ML’s ability to extract insights from large volumes of data that are often unseen helps in building self-evolving systems that maximize accuracy and increase productivity in any area applied.

Combining the power of ML and Deep Learning, Ziffity can build Machine Learning models that can streamline internal business operations, improve personalization in customer experience and marketing.

Industry-specific AI and ML Use Cases


eCommerce brands, both B2B and B2C can benefit from ML in areas like building product recommendation engines, tracking delivery, identify Next Best Action, chatbots for shopping assistance, pre, and post-sales support and more. ML can also provide intelligence to personalize marketing messaging and targeting.


AI Bots, at an enterprise scene, can streamline internal operations like IT ticketing, post-sales assistance for users and so on. AI adds more intelligence to automation systems used for activities like order-to-cash, procure-to-pay processes with its advanced analytical capabilities.

Banking and Finance

AI and Machine Learning are helping banks provide personalized banking and investment recommendations. With data acquired through users’ transaction history and spending patterns, ML algorithms can flag transactions that seem unusual to alert customers. AI systems can prevent such transactions from being completed.

Health Care

AI and ML-powered bots can help patients book appointments based on the availability of practitioners. Equipped with the knowledge of disease and disorder symptoms, ML can detect symptoms early like cardiovascular death risk to provide medical assistance in advance. ML bots can also play the role of 24/7 emergency response for critical needs.


AI-powered dynamic pricing algorithms can quickly decide prices based on travel destination and customer demands which proves beneficial for services like cab booking, hospitality, and delivery. AI can also benefit end-users and drivers by identifying the optimal routes to travel.


In Cybersecurity, Machine Learning can comb through historical data that have caused threats to a network to identify malicious activity and stop attacks by preventing access. ML algorithms can also automate repetitive security tasks so that your resources can focus on more critical tasks.

Benefits of AI & ML


AI & ML can identify clusters and patterns amongst vast customer data that include purchasing behavior, similarities in preferences, and so on. Personalized offers can be provided to individual customers, and engagement levels can be enhanced at every point of contact.

Search Accuracy

AL & ML can detect short-term and long-term customer preferences and answer search queries in a personalized approach. Conversions are high in personalized search engines as customers can easily find what they need.


Recommendation engines powered by AI and ML algorithms provide product recommendations that are customized for a particular user group. Based on analyzing customers’ behavior like the web pages where they spend most of the time, AI & ML can display a personalized page with recommended products that’ll most likely appeal to customers.

Fraud Detection

Fraudulent behavior during online purchases can be detected using Machine Learning. Every transaction is checked and assessed in a few seconds to flag frauds as and when they occur. This quick response helps ensure customers’ online safety and prevent loss in revenue.

Predictive Inventory

AI & ML programs can predict whether a user will make a purchase, return a product, and her/his lifetime value. Machine Learning can help in demand prediction and help address overstock/understock issues in eCommerce. Such forecasts help store owners to make procurements and meet customers’ demands proactively.

Dynamic Pricing

New demands and trends can be detected by AI & ML when parsing through large volumes of customer data. Based on the insights, they can help determine the optimal price, provide real-time discounts, and focus on maximizing sales.

Ziffity’s AI Platform Expertise


OpenNLP provides the necessary tools to build machine learning capabilities that process natural language text. OpenNLP can also be used to perform specific tasks through API calls. The OpenNLP library supports crucial features like Tokenization, Sentence Segmentation, Data Parsing and more.


With our expertise in Dialogflow, we build Chatbots that allow users to interact with your brand through apps, smart devices and social platforms like Facebook (Facebook Messenger). Powered by Google’s Machine Learning, NLP and Google Cloud, Dialogflow is highly scalable and versatile.

Why choose Ziffity for AI & ML?

Ziffity has gained hands-on experience in implementing AI & ML solutions for different brands across industries. Our AI & ML marketing tools can create unique experiences to your customers by getting closer to the customer preferences.We have deployed AI chatbots and ML models for various data analytics measurements such as customer segmentation, inventory management & forecasting, to name a few. Whether you want to know the possibilities of AI adoption or looking for a technology partner to implement AI in the areas you prefer, Ziffity can help.

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